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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

That Special Silence (In Moments)

listen to this story with intelligency
you might might learn a thing or two
as i speak eloquently
while my reasons for writing
while im deciding, conspiring
inspirational antethesi for devising
strategy to cure those blind

enough "big werds" we've heard them before
and while im using time
im left wanting more
the silent moments spent
to friends not talking
are sometimes more involved
than the words used in passing

just like time spent
with all mouths quiet
and you notice that
this is the moment,
the here and now
is the true enjoyment.

A friend, companion, acquaintance
this can be found almost anywhere
haha man but you know its rare

although most often
in the weirdest places
looking at faces completely silent and contempt,
not wanting more from the situations..

what happens thereafter?
hopefully not some disaster
its not a mathematical exponent
its a higher form of interaction...
no need for uncomfortability in silence
take the time and enjoy that social cement
and then whisper to that someone special
, "we just shared a moment......"

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