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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Life is plentifull and sleep is cheap.. or is it the other way around... I dont know.... something like that..."

These sleepless nights i wonder
looking at my blank ceiling
watching the time go asunder
no concrete thoughts are formed
no real ideas are born
just tids of thought bits
the only things on my mind

between the nonsensical bits
there's usually one, maybe two tids
that are the ones really taking hits
on my sleep cycle
Usually not even i know what
those are, buried between the rabble
that is my late night noise

I could be poised to despise
this late night noise
between the towering gloom
the loom of happiness spins deeply
the moon my only company

my partial sanity the only thing i need
as thoughts get more intense
this tense feeling in this
dense forest of thoughts, kneeling
pleading my brain to stop
with this plethora of bits
why cant all thoughts be simple
I'd rather just think about tits...

Truly, my sanity fading
waning, like the cycles
more and more thoughts enter
images form now on backs of eyelids
what are they? look at the splendor!
sleep might be near now
if it wasnt for the offspring of previous
ideas forming, shaping twisting anew
some are even brand new!

Whirling through the vortex of thoughts
still not sure what they are
i just know that there are lots...
feeling lost. still not sleeping
open my eyes to find the same
clock staring back at me blinking
the same ceiling blank and needing

no real thoughts just fragments
i sit up to calm my mind
nothing really to do
at an hour late for even sound
i might need help with this problem
with my sleep being robbed
god damn it, what could this be!
or maybe my ceiling just needs
something on it to entertain me...

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