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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Too true

When im staying up at nights watchin the sky
i enjoy the company, times never get dry
with you by my side how can i lose
i refuse to believe despite the ruse
that you're a bad person even with all the self abuse

a bit forthcoming with all that you choose
the things you gave away, you always tell the truth
and yes sometimes you tend not to look at you
in those dire situations when someone needs you
in conversation you're polite, informative and passionate

you make it really easy for people to connect
i really enjoy watching you interact
with those around you with slight moments of boredom in retrospect
despite those moments, you're the life of the party
in there drinking hardy and keeping people moving

there is hardly any room for party improvement
when im feeling down you're the first to mend it
talking to me as if i was real, no reality bended
excuse me ive stared to rant on about how much company is brought on
by you, its hard being lonely with your thoughts so true

when i try to reply i see nobody there
a large empty house its really almost bare
realizing truth throughout this trouble
the one that was around was me.. no body double
a bit more alone now realizing this person who comforts
is not so real as im sitting alone with only me to confront

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