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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Self improvement is masturbation

Time and space is found in waste
all thats wanted is waste of space
masturbation s self improvement
like vivaldi's second movement
the four seasons are all eternal
you know the reasons, its sinkin,
its crashing its burnin it up, like
i took all the matches and gas fire it up

like a pyromaniac lighting enough,
like a junkie with needles sayin thats rough
thats enough with the bullshit you full of it too
like your mom workin 3 jobs to put you through school
its not fair i lost hair there nothing i do
that makes up for shit that i did through and through

work hard for the questions, go fast with my chances
looking for the answers, its never enough
to just sit by and take it like youre laying down
get up and do something, earn that fuck-ing crown

cause kings werent made in a day that they say,
they earned thier rights to be called the master
working it faster than these other simps
to get what they want out of life

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